We are our best selves in a home that is warm, inviting and beautiful. The ideal home is an oasis we want to share with family and friends, and to savor in those rare moments by ourselves. Creating a perfect space can be overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be. Whether it's making a specific room work and look better, or reconceiving an entire house, together we can achieve the look, function and feel you've always wanted.

Born in Ontario, Canada, I've traveled around the world and lived in Charleston, Madrid and Atlanta. I have a deep appreciation for design, efficiency and personal aesthetic. After a career in marketing and real estate, and raising three children in a rapidly shrinking 1924 Cape Cod in Portland, OR, I renovated our home and put on the addition that made our house work -- that made it a home for the long run. The process was inspiring. Out of that experience, CR Interiors was born. 

My philosophy is simple.  It’s the details, the personal mementos, the layering and patina that define our homes and reflects the spirit of those who live in them.